we like stuff

Sure it's bad to be materialistic.  But that doesn't mean you can't have a healthy appreciation for all the beautiful product design around you. Well we have that - in spades.  In fact our office is so cluttered with it we can barely get to the coffee machine.

we like things

It's why we got into the swag business.  It's fun to go to the trade shows and see what's going to be new and hot this year.  Not to mention all the free samples we get.  That part's awesome. We're even willing to share them when helping you with a project.

we like you

Sometimes it feels like we're running a swag orphanage.  All these great products need kind people to love them.  Nice folks like you to adopt them and give them out to all your clients and employees. We just want to see them go to a good home. Particularly your home.